Students were basking in the promise of summer vacation. Swimming, sports, camp, and days off school were ahead. They were getting on the bus to head home for the first day of summer vacation. A high school student was seen with what looked like a long gun on the bus.
When the gun was spotted, the students and teachers used ALICE strategies. The teachers took the students off the bus, back into the building, and locked the doors. No one was hurt. A teacher responded to the incident with great gratitude of training by saying to an officer, ‘Thank you for the training. Had I not received the training, I could have done something that would have put us in harm’s way. Instead, we got the training. We got the students out of harm’s way. Thank you for providing the training,’” said Brian Gardner, Linn County Sheriff.
The gun was a pellet gun. The student with the pellet gun said he thought he had permission to bring it on the bus. He had received it from his friend and he was taking the pellet gun home with him.